Ergonomics and the Office Chair

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Ergonomics plays a very important role in your health and wellbeing in the workplace. More and more of us are working at a desk and on a computer. To help maintain your health and wellbeing, Chellgrove works with office seating manufacturers and suppliers whose products:

  • Are designed to fit you the intended user
  • Promote your personal comfort, and
  • Enhance your performance while minimising the risks to your health & safety.

In addition, we provide you with practical ergonomics information to enable you remain healthy and safe in the workplace. 

Office Ergonomics

Office Ergonomics
Is the study of the interactions between you and your work environment.

The Goal of Office Ergonomics
Is to Fit your work environment to you and the way that you work.

The Benefits of Office Ergonomics
1.  Reduces the risks of injury
2.  Increases your safety
3.  Increases your comfort
4.  Increases your productivity.

What Does Fit Mean?

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of the word Fit is physically fitting into your office chair and your workstation. But there is more to Fit than accomodating your physical size and shape. The concept of Fit also means that your office chair allows you to move in and out of preferred postures and allows you to perform your job effectively.

Ergonomic Requirements

What are the Ergonomic Requirements of Your Office Chair?


The desirable conditions that should be met by your office chair to ensure a good Fit include the following:


  1. Your office chair should allow you to move both rhythmically and from one fixed posture to another
  2. Your office chair should match your body physically
  3. Your office chair should support you and your work tasks properly.

Fit Conditions = Move + Match + Support

[This is an excerpt from an article published by GGI Global, one of our manufacturing partners. Click here to see the full article on office chair ergonomics.]

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